coloured chopping boardsHopefully you will have realised that these are colour coded cutting mats for kitchen usage. But what is the big error in the way that they have been stored?

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Our Foundation Level 2 Food Safety and Food Allergy Awareness courses are available to help.

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There are no apps to download and no surprise in-app purchases. There’s no extra software to download or hardware to be bought.


Once registered, your kitchen manager can upload all the due diligence information that you need to monitor daily, including:

• Food Receipt / Delivery Records

• Food Storage Temperature Records

• Temperature Probe Calibration Records

• Defrosting Records

• Breakage Logs

• Looking and Reheating Logs

• Food Display Temperature Records

• Blast Chiller Records

• Hot Holding Records

• Structural Fabric and Equipment Maintenance Logs


All records are logged and available for access and download in your own Document Library. Over time you and your team can monitor progress with the Reports Dashboard, viewing the Metrics and Action Tracker history following ongoing reviews.