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Insectocutor queries

insectocutor fly killerRegular queries come up during audit visits relating to the proper usage of electric flying insect killers.

Do they work?
Where should they be placed?
How often should they be cleaned?
Should they be kept on at all times, even through a cost of living crisis?
What is the best way to prevent flying insects from entering food premises?

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  • The short answers:
  • An insectocutor does help with the prevention of flying pests in food premises. It is normally a requirement of a food safety management system to provide one as pro-active pest control.
  • They are best placed in a dark area so the Ultra Violet light attracts flying insects. They should NOT go above a work surface, this could end up with flying insects in food items meaning foreign body contamination.
  • The unit in the larger picture clearly shows dead flies inside it. This now needs cleaning. For the UV bulbs to be continuously working it is vital to liaise with your pest control contractor regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the bulbs.
  • Yes, the unit must be kept on at all times to attract flying insects into the UV light. Always use compatible UV bulbs. We have seen units where the UV bulbs have been replaced with normal light bulbs! These will not attract flying insects.
  • The best way to prevent flying insects entering food premises is having screens on all openable windows and doors.

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