Tablet showing Servo dashboard

SERVO Incident Reporter

When there has been an incident in the workplace it is important that your staff record all the relevant facts. Whether it’s a guest who has had a slip on the stairs, a member of the maintenance staff falling from a ladder, or a vehicle near-miss in the car park it is critical to report:

  • The location, time and date of the incident
  • Details of the affected person(s), whether staff or guest
  • Who witnessed the event, and who is reporting it
  • What was the context of the incident in terms of surroundings and conditions
  • What actually happened!
  • Whether the severity of the incident required that emergency services should attend
  • Any treatment or response administered on the scene
  • Whether any remedial action was required to amend company procedures

Ensure that your records are sufficiently precise and accurate by using the SERVO Incident Reporter. Whether medical, housekeeping, kitchen, gym or maintenance incidents, have your managers submit the reports online; they can even include photos to complete the record.

Get in touch now to book your walk-through demo of the SERVO Safety Management System. Our dedicated client support team will be happy to show you how straight forward it is to use: [email protected]

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